Original Metal Art
by Kaitlin Beckett

Wall Pieces | Jewellery | Sculptural Pieces

Upcoming Show

The Stockroom Gallery is holding an exhibition and live painting event on Saturday the 7th of May 2016, from 12pm – 6pm. I will be showing metal works and paintings.

Recent Wall Pieces

Some of my recent wall art pieces. See more here.


Rose-Eared Bat

Acanthus Spider

Human Brain



Memento Mori Reaper

Heart and Lungs

Memento Mori Skull

Recent Jewellery Pieces

Some of my recent jewellery pieces. See more here.


Purple Rose (Triangle)

Bat and Moons (Oval)

Single Rose (Oval)

Skeletal Hand (Oval)

Blue Single Rose (Black Circle)

Flying Bat (Rectangle)

Crowned Snake Shield (Black Rectangle)

Single Rose (Ornate Oval)