This page features a selection of my wearable repoussé pieces – pendants and necklaces. Click the buttons to the right to view Wall Art or Sculptural Pieces/ Other Projects.


Plum Anatomical Heart (Black Circle)

Dragon Ouroboros (Circle)

Flying Bat (Black Square)

Winged Skull (Silver Rectangle)

Plum Anatomical Heart (Black Ornate Oval)

Textured Skeletal Arm (Rectangle)

Red Blue Quail Head & Feather Pendant (Circle)

Purple Rose (Triangle)

Plum Anatomical Heart (Triangle)

Skull (Triangle)

Textured Skull & Crossbones (Circle)

Eye and Hand (Black Rectangle)

Brown Bird and Leaves (Ornate Oval)

Plum Sacred Heart (Square)

Victorian Hand (Oval)

Skull & Snake (Circle)

Memento Mori Banner Skull (Circle)

Birds & Leaves (Square)

Plum Orange Single Rose (Oval)

Single Rose (Oval)

Bat Shield (Rectangle)

Anatomical Heart (Black Oval)

Skeletal Hand (Oval)

Fetus Skull (Oval)

Blue Single Rose (Black Circle)

Fetus Skull (Black Ornate Oval)

Textured Helmet (Circle)

Flying Bat (Rectangle)

Amber Feather (Rectangle)

Plum Anatomical Heart (Oval)

Crowned Snake Shield (Black Rectangle)

Helmet Shield (Rectangle)

Red Single Rose (Black Circle)

Turquoise Single Rose (Black Square)

Single Rose (Ornate Oval)

Plum Single Rose (Circle)

Single Rose (Circle)

Single Rose (Black Ornate Oval)

Palmistry Hand (Oval)

Anatomical Heart (Oval)

Skeletal Hand (Rectangle)

Single Rose (Circle)

Anatomical Heart (Oval)

Sacred Heart (Circle)

Skeletal Hand (Oval)

Ribcage (Square)

Ram Skull (Square)

Fetus Skull (Oval)

Anatomical Heart (Oval)